Always check with the seller when possible, on how many days you need to soak the sea cucumber as this depend on the size, the grade/quality of the sea cucumber you get
If you are soaking for several days, always change with fresh water every day until the end of the recommended soaking period. Make sure the sea cucumbers are completely submerged in the water. Cover them so no other particles will get in
After 4 days of soaking, they have soften considerably. I run my thumb up and down to get rid off the stuff inside the sea cucumber. You may need a knife if it’s hard to do it with your hands. You may also need to scrap the outside of the sea cucumber to get rid of the extra “whitish” crust if any is present
It had almost doubled in size at the end of the soaking period
At the end of the soaking period, in my case, day 4, boil the sea cucumber for about 1 hour in a big pot with a lid on over low to medium heat and do not remove the cover
Throw away the water. If they are still hard, boil again with a fresh water until it is soft and bouncy (you can leave the lid out this time). Be careful not to over boil or it can turn into mush
Once they are soft, throw away the boiling water. You can wrap them with plastic wrap and freeze them if you are not going to use them soon. They can be freeze for months
When ready for use, thaw them in the refrigerator overnight and then cut them into the desire size ( Skype: dzungphan94)