Sea cucumbers food is very good for health. However, if you do not know how to process, you will lose nutritional quality of Sea cucumbers. The semi-processed sea cucumber is an important first step. With fresh cucumber, you just need to shedding the gut and then soaked in mixture of ginger is pounded, wine and rinse with clean water.

Immersing cucumber in the warm water from 12 to 18 hours until soften and it can be easily cut out. Delicious sea cucumbers for processing, depending on the food that we cooked in its own way.

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For cucumber soup, the broth must first use chicken broth. These things must come crabmeat, shiitake and ginger. Sea cucumber and thinly sliced mushrooms, ginger cut fibers, fried crab meat with minced garlic. After boiling broth, drop cucumber, mushrooms, ginger, then add crab meat and spicy. Finally, stir flour to thicken the water, add cilantro and pepper.

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Cucumber soup stewed chicken, ginkgo is also extremely attractive. Materials include chicken cut to pieces, ginkgo, snow fungus. Ginkgo peeled and application coincides with boiling water, snow-soaked shredded mushroom pieces. Next to the chicken, ginkgo, mushrooms and simmer for about 1 hour, finally cucumber and simmer for about 30 minutes is added.


In addition, a sea cucumber stocks are also extremely important. After processing, sea cucumbers want to use distilled slowly, then you put the slices of ginger into the belly of the sea cucumber, food wrap paper wrapped and put in the freezer. When eaten defrosted can be removed with warm water.