Fish maw is one of the 8 Rare Foods. Rare food today include: nests, sinews deer, Shark’s Fin, Braised Abalone, sea cucumber, Fish Maw, scallops, foie gras. They are very nutritious. Fish maw is food that contain less fat, more nutritious, rich in protein, vitamins are good for health and suitable for many ages.

Fish maw with five spices.


– Sausage, peppers sliced; Status washed operating short; Cleaning fish balls finely chopped, fried yellow, fish out to dry

– Minced garlic, fried fragrant, pour the Greek ship in general and then fried. then for cashews, chilli and cinnamon apricot wine recipe, seasoning to taste. Fried fish ball and onion on. finally turn off the stove and enjoy



Soup crabmeat fish maw


– Fish maw soaks for swells, squeezes dry, cuts pomegranate seeds form in half, the rest cuts piece big. Bone chicken stew with 2.5l water, skim suds to clear water. Adding the spices in sauce.

– Crab meat mixed with onion, 1/3 teaspoon of pepper powder and little oil, stir.

– Dissolve Tapioca with a little water, then put in sauce, and then fish maw, crabmeat drop in pot, simmer.

– Smashed eggs, sprinkle into the soup, stir, ladle into bowls, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and pepper. Eat while still warm.

Fish maw fry vegetables


– Fish maw washed with salt and bring a bit of vinegar or white wine to sterilized smell. Boil water with a crushed ginger, scald fish maw to clean, then mix with a litte pepper, fish sauce, ginger julienne.bong-bong-ca-xao-rau-cu-677144

– Mushrooms soak warm water, washed the sand.Vegetables is cleaned. Celery, spring onion, carrots, baby corn cut chunk so that pleasant to taste. Tomatoes cut segment areca-nut form. Peas trip shell.

– Shallots, minced garlic. Place the pan on the stove, fry fish maw scented with garlic. Then pour into other plate.

– Fry all vegetables until cooked. Finally pour the fish maw before in same.

– Eating Fish maw fry vegetables with rice or drinking beer very fit.