Collagen was extracted from the pretreated Tra catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) skin then hydrolyzed by enzyme to isolate collagen hydrolysate.
The results showed that collagen was extracted four times in water with the yield of over 85%. Hydrolysis conditions were optimized by using a response surface methodology (RSM). An enzyme to substrate level of 1.25% (v/w), temperature of 55.5oC the time of 260 minutes and pH of 8.0 were found to be the optimum conditions to obtain the highest degree of hydrolysis (over 34%) using Corolase 7089. The collagen hydrolysate produced contained 87% collagen with molecular weight below 10kDa in which the fraction below 3kDa occupied 60%.This process is suitable to produce collagen hydrolysate for cosmetic and food application.
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