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The benefits of shark fin as documented by old Chinese medical books include the following: rejuvenation, appetite enhancement, nourishing to blood, beneficial to vital energy, kidneys, lungs, bones and many other parts of the body.


The more traditional person will swear to the benefits as claimed. On a radio show when the owner of a shark fin restaurant was asked about the health benefits of shark fin, he claimed that he consumed it daily and thus maintained his youthful appearance. An elderly shark fin trader reasoned that, since fins have had long years of exercise in the sea, there is no doubt that they are good for the bones and muscles of the consumer.


However, there seems to be an increasing number of people who question the claimed benefits of fins. They are of the opinion that fins are over priced and over rated. Their main purpose as luxury products is to satisfy the vanity of those who can afford them.


Most consumers note the bland taste of fin needles, which need to be cooked with various tasty ingredients to acquire any flavour. Few commented on the transparency of the fin needles, which make the food appealing to the eye.

Nutritionally, the composition of 100 g of dried sharks’ fin needles is as follows:

Water 14.0g
Protein* 83.5g
Fat 0.3g
Carbohydrate 0.0g
Ash 2.2g
Fibre 0.0g
Iron 15.2mg
Calcium 146.0mg
Phosphorus 194.0mg
Food energy 337kcal


Origin : Vietnam

95% sun dry, no dust, no chemical, high quality

Payment : T/T, L/C

Packaging : Poly bags


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