Product Description

Vietnam is one of countries with the most diversified seafood source in the world.  We have many kinds of rare and high value seafood as stingray, sea cucumber… Specially, our DRIED STINGRAY FIN is popular by world market as Japan, Korea,…DRIED STINGRAY FIN is manufactured as a strict process, meet all standards of import country and the best tasty.

    Usage: DRIED STINGRAY FIN has high nutritional value, thanks to very high protein, lipid, calci, phospho, Fe, Na, Kali; vitamin A, B1, B2, P, C…which are good for the unirary tract, kitneys, liver disease. Besides, it help treat skin deseases, purify the body.

   Process: Processing export dried stingray fin is generally more complex than some other items. Rays Fin after peeling skin has bad smell and much blood, this blood will become black when dried. Therefore, an important step is to turn the fish in cold water and change the water several times to remove. Then, white fins are seasoned and preserved in several time to spice absorbed, before being dried and packaged.